Lehenga-A part of beautiful Indian history.

The history of Indian lehenga choli dates back to the Mughal period where this dress was a favorite for the women of the royal courts. This dress was very popular among women of the Mughal era and thus this can be rightly be called as the best example of India's exquisiteness that has been designed in an unassuming manner. The lehenga choli has been able to revive the spirit of the Mughal culture as these are designed with intricate, delicate and conventional Mughal designs. There has been a little alteration in the design of the Indian lehenga choli as the customary designs and patterns of the golden Mughal era has been kept intact. This ensemble consists of three parts which includes a customary long skirt, choli and dupatta. The most beautiful fabric that is used for making the lehenga choli is similar to that used in the Mughal times that are the brocades and silks. The dupatta of these ensembles is made from chiffon, linen or silk. Lehenga is a dress that is long ankle length skirts that is held around the waist. It is graceful piece of cloth that flares around the woman wearing it and these are beautifully embroidered lehenga that can be of any size ranging from ankle length to knees length. Lehenga choli has been recreated and redesigned with diverse shapes so that a new look can be given to this ethnic wear. 

The various styles of lehenga choli include fish tail lehenga, straight cut lehenga, mermaid lehengas, kali ghagras lehengas, a-line lehengas, circular lehengas and lehengas with full flares. Indian lehenga choli is a conventional dress that is worn by the women of Gujarat and Rajasthan as the rural and ancestral women of these places wear embroidered lehenga choli that is made of cotton fabric and is decked with mirror work and embroidery and it is also called ghagra choli or chaniya choli. Mostly women wear lehengas on weddings, festivals and home functions. Bridal lehenga is the most preferable attire for wedding ceremony for Indian bridal while women also love to wear wedding lehengas on their relative's wedding ceremony. At Klothin we provide you all lehenga styles and types with customization facility. You can also check Kothin for Indian sarees, salwar kameez and Indian menswear shopping along with accessories.