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Saree: Graceful and elegant attire for Indian women.


India is a country with different dialects, ethnic groups, numerous mannerisms and modes of apparel. The culture of India is the best example of colorful, diverse, spiritual and sensual traditions. Saree is the oldest traditional dress of India which has a significant symbolism and meaning attached to it. There are a large variety of designs, patterns and colors that depicts the virtues, belief and region from which the woman belongs. This dress is considered to take a sweet spot in the wardrobe of every woman. Sarees has also been a subject of appreciation and great inspiration for the worldwide costume connoisseurs. The aesthetics and art of these sarees are made with the unique combination of intricacies and designs that make it a unique dress. The history of this dress is full of innovation, pride and traditions that represent the diverse culture of India. Because of the durability and versatility of these saris it is also worn as a daily wear.

Saree is considered as the most admired ethnic wear for the Indian women that are capable of upholding the esteem of the Indian women from the ancient times. It is a feminine dress that has gained huge popularity as the best Indian ethnic wear for its unique splendor and grace. This dress cannot be separated from Indian women as it is the most favored clothing for festivals, weddings and other special occasions. This dress can give a unique impression to a woman for being flawlessly dresses as these unstitched dresses are pleated, tied and folded in a poised and elegant style that makes these sarees as the most enduring piece of dress worn by women of every sizes and ages. There are a diverse range of fabrics that are used for designing a Saree and there is a large variety of work that is done on these sarees by artisans. These fabrics include chiffon, silk, benarasi, georgette, satin, velvet and cotton. These sarees are designed with beautiful and intricate embroidery work, thread work, sequin work and work of precious gems and stones.

The works on the saree can make an Indian woman look more elegant and graceful as the persona of any woman can be best portrayed with the help of this splendid Indian ethnic wear for every woman. Saree has been reinvented by designers who focus on making the Saree with a universal appeal which has help in promoting this wonderful dress. There are many sarees that are designed with contemporary style in terms of drape and color. These sarees are also been worn by women for casual events as these are made in lighter designs and fabrics. The different saree that are being designed by the designers include net sarees, dhoti sarees and pre pleated sarees. These sarees are made with incredible borders and motifs that are also adorned with stones and crystals that can make it look bewitching. Floral patterns, digital prints and 3D embroidery are also being widely used for designing these sarees as it is a unique combination of modernity and tradition.